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Luxury Body Wash Sample - California Coast

Luxury Body Wash Sample - California Coast

Shine-Free, Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm

Shine-Free, Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm

2 Single Face + Body Wipes

2 Single Face + Body Wipes

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It’s no secret that there are tons of benefits to working out. But did you know clearer, healthier skin is one of them? In fact, studies have shown sweat and exercise can improve your skin from the inside out. It also helps improve the performance of the grooming products you use every day. 

Your body will do most of the work, but there are a few easy ways you can help it along. Although the right grooming products can make a big difference, nothing compares to nourishing your skin from within. Here’s a look at why sweating is good for you—and how to take full advantage of the benefits.  

It Improves Your Circulation

Working out improves your overall circulation by increasing blood flow and raising your body’s oxygen levels. This increased blood flow helps rush nutrients to your skin, which will improve your skin’s health and appearance over time. Regular exercise can even help your body heal wounds and blemishes faster, according to a recent study

How to Take Advantage: For 15 minutes or so after a workout, your skin is warm and your pores are open. It’s the perfect time to deeply clean your face with an exfoliating cleanser like our Solid Face Wash. It contains premium ingredients like Activated Charcoal which is a gentle exfoliant that can reveal more youthful, healthier skin.

It Helps Exfoliates

Your body uses sweat to cool itself down, but it has several direct benefits to your skin as well -- releasing buildup and toxins from your pores and helping shed excess oil from your face. Plus when you wipe your face with a towel after sweating, you remove dead skin cells that make skin look dull. This exfoliation combined with increased blood flow will brighten and even your complexion. 

How to Take Advantage: Immediately after exercising, wipe your face with our Cooling + Cleansing Wipes or a gentle microfiber towel to remove the buildup and toxins the sweat has released from your pores. The faster you do this, the less will get reabsorbed by your skin. (If you’re using a towel, make sure it’s soft so you don’t scratch your skin and to wash it after every use.)

It Generates More Skin-Firming Collagen 

When exercising, your body circulates nutrients at a faster pace than normal. That process stimulates connective tissue in your skin called fibroblasts, which create the collagen that keeps your skin firm and full and prevents the appearance of deep wrinkles. 

How to Take Advantage: After washing your face post-workout, apply an antioxidant-rich serum that can fight off sun damage and free radicals. After a workout is ideal, as your pores will still be open, making it easier for the nutrients to penetrate your skin.

It Makes Your Skin Act Younger

Regularly sweating affects the way your skin cells behave on a microscopic level. In fact, according to a recent study, exercise causes your muscles to produce more of a specialized protein called IL-15 that leads your skin to look up to 25 years younger under a microscope.

How to Take Advantage: Preserve that youthful look by helping your skin maintain its moisture with a hydrating face cream. You’ll also want to minimize skin damage. The best way to do that? Use SPF on all exposed skin, every day—even when you’re not at the beach and when it’s cloudy. That will keep UV rays from counteracting exercise’s many benefits.

It Keeps your Mind Healthy Too 

The health of our skin is impacted by more than our genes, diet and grooming products. Our mental wellbeing plays a big part as well. In fact, studies have shown that reduced stress can help prevent some skin issues like acne and eczema. 

How to Take Advantage: Elevate your heart rate for at least 45 minutes every day. It’s been proven to reduce the symptoms of depression, as well as stress, which can lead to breakouts and other negative reactions. 

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