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  • Charcoal… For Your Face

    Posted by Zac Maur on

    Charcoal… For Your Face

    Sometimes I feel like no matter how often I moisturize, my skin is still dry. I usually never go a night without doing my skincare routine and yet it seems like my skin just won’t be hydrated. This is why I started exfoliating.Exfoliation is the process of using a product to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin in order to allow new ones to regenerate. By removing dead skin, it not only makes your skin look more vibrant but it allows your skincare to work better because there isn’t an excess of cells to absorb through....

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  • Your skin drinks water

    Posted by Zac Maur on

    Your skin drinks water

      Water molecules have one of the strongest familial-like bonds that are tough to break—though not as strong as the bond between Jonah Hill and James Franco. Because of this bond, when these water molecules evaporate from the surface of your skin, they pull out with them other water molecules that are existing deeper down in your skin. Meaning, as water sitting on top of your face evaporates, it actually dries out your skin, not hydrates it. This is called Transepidermal Water Loss or just TEWL for short. Our bodies are losing water all the time. On average while sweating,...

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