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Luxury Body Wash Sample - California Coast

Luxury Body Wash Sample - California Coast

Shine-Free, Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm

Shine-Free, Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm

2 Single Face + Body Wipes

2 Single Face + Body Wipes

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Athlete Line

Read More About Our Athlete Products

Athletes understand the importance of pushing limits and breaking barriers. However, with intense physical activity comes the need for specialized skin care for athletes. At Oars + Alps, we recognize the unique challenges athletes face and have crafted a line of products that cater to those living an active lifestyle. Our skincare products for athletes ensure you look and feel your best after every workout.

How does the Muscle Recovery Balm help athletes recover?

Our Muscle Recovery Balm is specially formulated for athletes dealing with sore and fatigued muscles. The clinical strength ingredients like Menthol and Methyl Salicylate work to relieve muscle soreness, stimulate circulation, and reduce inflammation. The unique 3-rollerball applicator allows for a targeted massage that releases tension and promotes blood flow, aiding in quicker muscle recovery and helping athletes continue training with less downtime.

How can athletes prevent chafing?

Athletes often struggle with chafing, rubbing, and excessive sweating during intense workouts. Our Anti-Everything Body Powder addresses these issues by absorbing sweat and reducing friction, providing a dry and frictionless skin surface. Ingredients like Cornstarch, Arrowroot Powder, Aloe Leaf Extract, and Peppermint Oil keep skin dry, soothe affected areas, and deliver a cooling sensation, allowing athletes to focus on their performance without discomfort.

How does Epsom salt help with muscle recovery?

The Epsom Salt Bar Soap helps athletes recover after strenuous activities by cleansing and recharging their skin. The soap is formulated with Epsom Salt and Arnica which are renowned for their muscle-relaxing effects. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate which is a naturally occurring mineral that when dissolved can be absorbed into the skin. Magnesium helps with many bodily functions. Having sufficient magnesium levels helps prevent muscle cramps and tension, and provides better nerve function. Arnica contains anti-inflammatory compounds like helenalin which help reduce swelling and pain. Additionally, the blend of nourishing oils and Shea Butter ensures the skin remains hydrated and soft.

What makes the Athlete Line Kit ideal for athletes?

The Athlete Line Kit is a curated collection of our best athlete skin care products, providing a comprehensive solution to an athlete's skincare and recovery needs. It includes the Muscle Recovery Balm for targeted muscle relief, the Anti-Everything Body Powder to combat sweat and chafing, and the Epsom Salt Bar Soap for an overall soothing experience. This muscle recovery kit ensures athletes have everything they need for effective skin care and muscle recovery in one package.

Who is the Matt Wilpers' T3 Kit for?

Matt Wilpers' T3 Kit is designed for the athlete who demands the utmost in skincare and recovery. It features our Muscle Recovery Balm and Anti-Everything Powder for targeted relief and protection. The Epsom Salt Bar Soap offers a soothing post-workout cleanse. Additionally, the Travel Size SPF 50 Hydrating Antioxidant Spray provides sun protection, and the Cooling + Cleansing Wipes help refresh and clean the skin on the go. This kit is perfect for triathletes and those with a rigorous training schedule, ensuring they can clean and protect themselves during training as well as recover quickly and effectively after every session.

Choose Oars and Alps' athlete skin care products to ensure your skin stays as healthy as you are. Our products are designed not just with skincare for athletes in mind but with a commitment to those who strive to push their limits every day. Experience the difference with our muscle recovery kit and more, tailored to your active lifestyle.