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Luxury Body Wash Sample - California Coast

Luxury Body Wash Sample - California Coast

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Shine-Free, Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm

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2 Single Face + Body Wipes

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Why Is A Skincare Routine So Important?

Skincare routines are fundamental for taking care of the largest organ of your body—your skin. And we’ve consistently heard requests from our customers asking how to build a skincare routine, including how to choose the best products and how to establish healthy skin habits that stick.

And with good reason. Our skin plays many roles, from protecting our vital organs to impacting our self-esteem. A daily skincare routine is one of the best ways we can promote our skin’s quality, strength, and health. It’s like any exercise routine or a healthy diet—something you can do regularly to keep your body feeling and looking its best. Multiple studies have estimated that extrinsic factors such as UV exposure, diet, and your daily skincare routine account for 80 percent of visible signs of skin aging, while intrinsic factors (genetics, stress, overall health) account for just 20 percent. In other words, an optimized skincare routine can greatly improve your skin’s overall appearance. Here’s how to take full advantage. 

What Skincare Products Should Men Keep on Hand?

Everyone’s skin is different, but there are certain fundamentals that every skincare routine should include. Once you know the basic principles, you can adjust it depending on your specific skin needs or goals. Our general philosophy is to stick with a few products that are simple to use and yield powerful results. If it’s easy to accomplish and you see the benefits, you’re more likely to keep it going over time. We recommend that you find some staples to accomplish the following:

  • Clean: Remove dirt, sweat, excess oil and other residue.
  • Smooth: Exfoliate, tone, and boost with nutrients based on your skin needs.
  • Moisturize: Keep skin hydrated, supple and resilient with a lotion.
  • Protect: Apply SPF daily to protect from sun damage.

How Do You Establish a Sustainable Skincare Routine?

Consistency is key when taking care of your skin. There are several pitfalls to avoid, including incompatible products and overly complicated schedules. All of these can lead to inconsistency, which is one of the biggest killers of a guy’s skincare routine. Studies show you’ll have a better chance of maintaining a healthy habit if you do it at the same time and in the same place. So, pick times of day that work best—maybe after a shower—and do your grooming routine then. Also try to do it in the same place, whether at home, work, or the gym. 

The order in which you use products in your routine matters too. It’s important to give each product the best chance of penetrating your skin and working effectively. Even if your routine involves just three products, the order in which you apply them is still paramount.

Building Your Skincare Routine

You can break any skincare routine into four categories: Clean, Smooth, Moisturize, and Protect. Although the exact products that go into each category should depend on your skin type, the categories will remain the same. It should also be said that some products can cover two of these categories in one step (many of ours do just that), but be sure to cover each in one way or another.

Deandre’s 4-Step Anti-Aging Skincare Routine 

All-Pro Wide Receiver and O + A Ambassador DeAndre Hopkins knows a thing or two about caring for skin. His goes through a lot—training, daily workouts, and games, on top of his routine off the field. Here are some general tips for building your routine—from DeAndre himself.

  1. CLEAN

    Every skincare routine starts with a cleanser. The purpose is to remove dirt, sweat, excess oil and other residue. 

    You’ll want to clean your face twice a day—after you wake up in the morning to clear off the residue accumulated while you were sleeping, and at the end of the day to wash off everything that collected during the day. You don’t need to clean your face more often than that unless you sweat heavily, for example during exercise. In that case, you should wash your face promptly afterwards because leaving sweat on your skin can lead to irritation.

    Cleaning your face helps you to feel fresh and prevents the buildup that can lead to breakouts. It’s important as the first step in your skincare routine so your skin is a clean slate for the next products you apply.

    The main thing to keep in mind about washing your face? Be gentle. No matter your skin type, you’ll want to find a cleanser that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like alcohol, which dries out your skin. Use your fingertips, not a washcloth, to apply your cleanser. If your cleanser has effective ingredients, you shouldn’t need to scrub. Doing so will simply irritate your skin and possibly break the tiny capillaries underneath. Use lukewarm water to rinse and gently pat your face dry.


    This is what we’re calling the category in between Cleanse and Moisturize. The truth is that there are many different types of products that you could choose to use here to improve the health and appearance of your skin. This part of your skincare routine can be dedicated to tackling your specific skincare issues and may change depending on whether it's part of your morning or nighttime routine. The best way to talk about this step is through examples. Let’s say you tend to wake up with puffy eyes. Now is the time to apply an under-eye serum to help cool and depuff that area. If you tend to have dull skin or hyperpigmentation (i.e. dark spots), you may want to consider a Vitamin C serum. If you have dry skin, use an extra hydrating serum. Or perhaps you have blackheads or ingrown hairs. In that case you will want to consider either a physical or chemical exfoliant to clear away the buildup of dead skin. In most cases, we recommend serums to brighten and hydrate in the morning and exfoliants at night.


    It may seem counter-intuitive, but all skin types benefit from moisturizing—even oily skin. That’s because we lose moisture through our skin constantly. Moisturizers lock in some of that water content so our skin stays hydrated, which is essential to its health and appearance. Think about the difference between a raisin and a grape. Wrinkles and lines are accentuated when our skin is dehydrated.

    Choosing the right moisturizer will depend on your skin type and the conditions your skin is exposed to. If you have dry skin or your environment is dry, like in winter, you’ll want something heavier that imparts more nourishing oils. (Here are some additional tips if you’re dealing with dryness.) On the flip side, if you have oily skin or it’s humid outside, you’ll want something lighter.


    Finally, we need to protect our skin from the elements. The major factor we’re exposed to year-round is the sun. Exposure to UV rays contributes to skin damage, premature signs of aging, and a higher risk of skin cancer. Hence, UV protection is an absolute must as part of your morning skincare routine. If you don’t think you need SPF daily, be sure to read this article about common sunscreen misconceptions next.

    In this step in your morning routine, you’ll want to use a face sunscreen and an SPF lip balm that’s made to protect the very delicate skin of your lips. (If your day includes more full body exposure to the sun, your SPF routine needs to extend beyond your face.) We make a daily face moisturizer with SPF so you can accomplish moisturizing and sun protection in one go.

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