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2 Single Face + Body Wipes

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As guys, we’re often on autopilot in the shower: wash, rinse, repeat. But while our minds are elsewhere, we’re missing some easy solutions to our most common grooming problems—especially when it comes to hair. The key is knowing the right questions to ask.

11 Common Questions Guys Have About Hair Care

Here, we’ve answered 11 questions we get all the time about men's hair, from styling to softness and more. Here’s what you need to know.

Man using shampoo in shower

1. What hair care products should I use?

The full answer to this question depends on your hair type and your #hairgoals, but one thing’s true for everyone: you should find hair products that won’t irritate your scalp or hair follicles. Harsh chemicals in many traditional drug-store products can inflame, irritate and dry out your skin and lead to things like itchiness, redness and flakes. 

Be sure to look at the back of the bottle. At a minimum, we recommend you avoid hair care products that contain any of these ingredients:

  • Sulfates
  • Alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates

More than that, though, you’re ideally looking for clean ingredients that will help you achieve your healthiest hair. In case you had any doubt, healthy hair is good-looking hair!

2. How can I style my hair naturally?

The best way to style your hair is to start by making sure it’s clean and properly hydrated with hair care products that use clean ingredients. When your hair starts out in a healthier state, you’ll end up using less styling product and saving time.

Next, pick a styler based on its hold. Thicker hair typically needs a product like a wax or pomade with a strong hold. Finer hair should use a low-hold styler with looser textures like creams or sprays to avoid extra weight and clumping. Work a nickel-sized amount of product thoroughly onto your fingertips. Apply it to the base of the hair from back to front, again to avoid clumping.

3. What should I do if my hair feels oily?

Look for a men's shampoo for oily hair, one that will cleanse away excess oil. (Notice we say “excess” oil—a certain amount of the oil naturally excreted from your scalp is good for your hair.)  Our Invigorating Tea Tree Shampoo uses Tea Tree Oil to prevent buildup and Witch Hazel, an astringent, to neutralize the excess oil that can make your hair look greasy.

Follow that up with a clean conditioner with Tea Tree Oil to balance your hair’s natural oils and your hair will feel soft and clean instead of heavy.

Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner | Oars + Alps

4. How can I make my hair soft?

Achieving soft hair requires the right balance of cleanliness and maintaining your hair’s natural moisture. For that, use a Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfates are widely known to dry out your skin and hair. Dry hair feels bristly and coarse and can quickly lead to more dead ends and frizz.

Our Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner has Kelp and Algae Extracts for intense hydration, as well as Creatine which strengthens strands and has a nice smoothing effect on hair.

5. Should men wash their hair every day?

Although you’ll still want to shower daily, experts say you can shampoo every three days or so, depending on how oily your hair gets. If your hair is on the more dry side to start, shampooing more often can dry your hair out and remove too many of its natural oils. If your hair is naturally more oily or you’re active and sweating, you may want to shampoo more often than every three days. Just make sure to use a Sulfate-free shampoo and stay alert that you aren’t inadvertently drying out your hair by over-washing.

On days when you’re not shampooing, you can still rinse your hair thoroughly with water and even apply a bit of conditioner to help keep it soft. 

Man in shower squeezing men's shampoo from bottle

6. How can I thicken my hair?

If you have thin, thinning or limp hair, there are many products that can help increase the appearance of thickness and volume.

When you wash your hair, you’ll want to use products that strengthen your hair and don’t weigh it down. Our Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner formulas include Creatine, a derivative of amino acids known to rebuild and strengthen the hair structure from within. The conditioner is made with Olive and Grapeseed Oils, two lightweight oils that deliver shine, moisture and strength without weighing hair down. When styling, you’ll want to look for lighter volumizing sprays rather than heavier clays, pastes or creams.

7. How can I prevent dandruff and dry, itchy scalp?

Dandruff and an itchy scalp can be caused by a range of things and are closely related to scalp health. If your dandruff or dry scalp does not stem from a medical condition, then maintaining your scalp health with the right type of hair products will help keep dandruff and itchiness at bay.

We recommend exfoliating your scalp 3 times a week to remove flakey dead skin, leftover hair product and excess oil. This will allow your scalp to breathe, so to speak, and provide a healthy environment for your hair follicles. We make a Purifying Scalp Scrub with a gentle grit that physically exfoliates and also includes Witch Hazel and Salicylic Acid to keep your scalp's oil levels and pH balanced.

Purifying Scalp Scrub | Oars + Alps

We also suggest using a shampoo and conditioner with ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Menthol to soothe scalp dryness and itchiness, like our Invigorating Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. We also include amino-acid enriched Spirulina, which is a type of algae, to help your scalp maintain overall balance and moisture.

8. How can I manage my long hair?

When it comes to long hair, you’ll likely have two main obstacles. The first will be keeping your hair healthy while growing it out so that it doesn’t become weak and break. Flyaways, frizz, stringy ends and dull-looking hair can all result from broken hair strands. Keeping your hair strong over time while you’re growing it out requires using a shampoo and conditioner with high quality, clean ingredients that complement your hair type. Oily hair is better to manage with formulas that keep excess oil in check, like our Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. If your hair tends to be dry, you’ll need more serious hydration with formulas like our Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

The second potential obstacle is styling. Before your hair is long enough that it could be put into a ponytail, you can use hats, headbands, and bandanas to keep it from looking messy and falling in your face. When going out, slightly increase the amount of styling product you use to account for the extra hold needed for the extra hair. Remember to still go to your barber every month or so to trim off dead and frayed ends and keep everything looking neat.

9. Is there an easy way to color graying hair for men?

There are several ways to color your hair, but honestly first think if you really need it. Most guys look distinguished with graying hair, as long as it's kept neat and styled in a way that complements their face.

If you have decided to color your hair, do so in moderation—only touching up edges to create a subtle effect. Also be sure to use a men’s shampoo that’s safe for color treated hair that won’t strip the dye out right away.

10. What products should guys with curly hair use?

First, men with curls need to find the right men’s curly hair shampoo, one that won’t strip their hair of essential moisture and turn it into a frizzy mess. That means looking for a sulfate-free formula that won’t dry out your hair—like our sulfate-free shampoo + conditioner.

You may also want to look for shampoo and conditioner with ingredients designed to smooth out frizz and lend your curls a healthy shine. Our Invigorating Conditioner includes Erythritol (a fermented sugar) and Creatine (an amino acid) to help hair stay smooth and manageable, while Olive and Grapeseed Oils deliver moisture and shine for ultimate manageability. If you use additional product to style your hair, apply the product gently so you don’t stretch your curls out.

Tea Tree Conditioner | Oars + Alps

11. My hair has natural waves in it. What products should I use?

For hair that’s neither straight nor curly, you want to find the best men’s shampoo for wavy hair. So, buy one that delivers intense moisture to prevent frizzy, hard-to-maintain hair. 

Stick to styling products with medium to firm hold and avoid anything that’s “volumizing” or creates additional body, which might compete with your natural waves.

Find Products For Your Ideal Hair Care Routine

Now that we’ve answered some of the most common hair questions guys have, it’s time to rethink your hair routine. Want to enhance the look and feel of your hair? Find the best hair care products for men with oily or dry hair types with our clean hair care line.

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