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Free Mini Deo - Fresh Ocean Splash

Free Mini Deo - Fresh Ocean Splash

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A tiny stick of our powerful natural deodorant that uses cornstarch to absorb odor while botanicals nourish the skin and mask body odor.

1 Mini Natural Deodorant. Fresh Ocean Splash Scent. .21 fl. oz. each.


When switching from an anti-perspirant to a natural, aluminum-free deodorant it can take some time for your body to regulate. Here's what you can expect during that detox period.


No odor.


You are sweating more. Your pits are purging toxins from aluminum in antiperspirant.


You’ll sweat more and smell less as your body continues to adjust.


Odor and sweat begin to disappear.*

*Everyone detoxes at their own pace. For optimal results, reapply as needed.

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