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Essentials Kit $61.00


Essentials Kit

Ship every 3 months


When you wake up looking (and maybe feeling) like the cast from The Hangover we have your cure. Scrub away last night's sins with our Exfoliating Power Cleansing Face Wash and depuff + cool under eye bags with the Wake Up Eye Stick. Follow those up with our ultra hydrating Face + Eye Cream and you'll look like you got a full 8 hours of sleep, even if all you've had is a full cup of coffee.

Face Moisturizer + Eye Cream. 2.5 fl. oz.

Power Cleansing Face Stick. 1 oz.

Wake Up Eye Pen. 0.5 fl. oz.


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@spencehelm Everyone likes me a whole lot more when I smell good and look even better. Dudes take care of yourselves, especially if you want a girlfriend or if you’re married.
@lconde1 Finally found a skincare routine that helps with my acne.I’ve struggled with finding a product that helps keep my face acne-free, but I have had no luck.I found @oarsandalps wow, what a difference!
@mattscotto During a sleepless night of frustration, I ordered this. It feels fantastic when applied and better yet it works. I’ve seen a serious reduction of my dark circles.

How to use

Face + Eye Cream

Apply evenly on clean skin morning and night.

Apply a thin layer under your eyes and thicker amount on the rest of your face.

May be used after shaving.

For external use only. If product gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly.

Face Stick

Apply stick to face avoiding eyes.

With wet fingers, gently massage all around face to activate.

Rinse and pat dry.

May be used on your beard and before shaving for a closer shave.

Wake Up Eye Stick

Gently roll across under-eye area twice per use. Except a thin layer in the area under the eye.

Use mornings, nights, or as-needed throughout the day.

For best results follow up with a moisturizer.

For external use only. If product, gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly. Do not squeeze container as it can result in product leakage.


face wash



face wash

Spill proof.

Great for your bag.

face wash

Good for any 

skin type.

face wash


face wash

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Goes on smooth and natural

One of the most outstanding face and eye cream I have used. It goes on smooth on the face and smells fresh like the ocean breeze. It's not heavy or oily like other creams I have used in the past. This has been my everyday regiment every morning. Best of all it contains natural ingredients.

Raymond L.