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Deep Clean Kit

Deep Clean Kit

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A charcoal duo that will send acne sailing, and our Natural Deodorant to keep you smelling great. Our Solid Charcoal Face Wash uses charcoal exfoliants to purge your skin of deep-down impurities, while our Blue Charcoal Soap uses purifying ingredients like Witch Hazel extract, a natural astringent, to reduce excess oil on your skin to clear up frustrating back-acne.

Power Cleansing Face Stick. 1 oz.

Blue Charcoal Soap. 6 oz.

Natural Deodorant. 2.6 fl. oz.


How to use


Face Stick

Apply stick to face avoiding eyes. With wet fingers, gently massage all around face to activate. Rinse and pat dry.

Blue Charcoal Soap

Use every other day. Massage into wet skin to remove dead skin cells. Wash off with water.

Natural Deodorant

Apply evenly to clean and dry underarms.

Switching from an antiperspirant to Oars + Alps? Congrats on taking the Pit Plunge. Here's what you can expect:

  1. 1st Week: No odor.
  2. 2nd Week: Odor detox starts with your body producing an odor. Your pits are purging all of the toxins and bacteria that lurk under your arms. Don't stop using!.
  3. 3rd Week: You'll sweat more, but smell less. As your pits purge the toxins and bacteria, your body sweats more.
  4. 4th Week: Odor decreases. Congrats on detoxing those pits.
  5. 5th Week: Your pits are in paradise.

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