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Deep Clean Charcoal Kit $34.00

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A charcoal duo that will send acne sailing. Our Power Cleansing Face Stick uses charcoal exfoliants to purge your skin of deep-down impurities, and our Blue Charcoal Soap uses purifying ingredients like Witch Hazel extract, a natural astringent, to reduce excess oil on your skin to clear up frustrating back-acne.

Solid Face Wash. 1.2 oz.

Blue Charcoal Soap: 6 oz.

Ship every 3 months

How to use

  1. Face Stick: Apply stick to face avoiding eyes. With wet fingers, gently massage all around face to activate. Rinse and pat dry.
  2. Blue Charcoal Soap: Use every other day. Massage into wet skin to remove dead skin cells. Wash off with water.


Blue Charcoal Exfoliating Oars Bar

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Power Cleansing Face Stick

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