We're giving Axe a run for it's money...



-By Richard Ellis, O + A Adventure Correspondent


Nothing says more about your personality than the name of your deodorant. With the properly titled scent, you can bring your A-game to any situation.


Back before Oars + Alps, I wanted a woman to know that I rise like Axe Phoenix, play the lyre like Axe Apollo, and can be totally Axe Black Chill. Women couldn’t resist when I Old Spice Swagger(ed) through the Red Zone during After Hours. My quiver of deodorant scents made me the man I am.


Concerned that I couldn’t express my true self with one scent of Oars + Alps, I took my problem to the O + A chemists. There had to be a way that they could make me feel like an Old Spice Desperado ready to grab life by the Bearglove. But then I got the bad news: they weren't intrigued in helping me smell like a high schooler again.



So, we came up with an idea: Why not take O + A’s deodorant and just give it new names?! Personalization is all the rage in ecommerce. It would be an easy win-win-win-win-win…(x30).


And that brings me to the big news: Today, it’s my pleasure to announce all new O + A scents designed to stick it (no pun intended) to the Axe and Old Spice competition. All natural, aluminum-free, alcohol-free, and antioxidant rich, here is the all-new deodorant lineup:

The Competition   

Oars + Alps

Axe Iced Musk and Ginger

O + A Boiled Ox and Red Head

Axe Black Chill

O + A White High Fives

Axe Excite

O + A Pique

Axe Anarchy for Him

O + A Eye-Rolling For Her

Axe Tobacco and Amber

O + A Skoal and Fossil Bones

Axe Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla

O + A Driftwood and Light Chocolate

Axe You

O + A A Question

Axe Phoenix

O + A Voldemort

Axe Apollo

O + A Moon Landing

Axe Black

O + A Lives Matter

Axe Gold Temptation

O + A Trump in Russia

Axe Harmony

O + A Passion Aggression

Old Spice Bearglove

O + A Racoonhat

Old Spice Hawkridge

O + A Caw Caw

Old Spice Fox Crest

O + A Fair and Balanced Toothpaste

Old Spice Timber

O + A It’s Going Down

Old Spice Lion Pride

O + A Emus Mob

Old Spice Aqua Reef

O + A Sushi Bar

Old Spice Fiji

O + A Detroit

Old Spice Denali


Old Spice Amber

O + A Lager

Old Spice Citron

O + A Vodka Pits

Old Spice After Hours

O + A Getting the Fucking Kids to School

Old Spice Desperado

O + A Hotel California

Old Spice Steel Courage

O + A Blue Steel

Old Spice Swagger

O + A Deez Nuts

Old Spice Lasting Legend

O + A Ephemeral Fad

Old Spice Tougher Timber

O + A Harder Rock

Old Spice Wolfthorn

O + A Puppy Splinter

Old Spice Krakengard

O + A Unleash the Johnny Depp

Are we missing any of your favorite man scents? Add to our list by tagging @oarsandalps.

Happy April Fool's and #taketotheoars! 


P.S. You can check out our natural deo here.

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