How To Fix Yellow Armpit Stains + What Causes Them–Oars + Alps

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How To Fix Yellow Armpit Stains + What Causes Them

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How To Fix Yellow Underarm Stains + What Causes Them

It’s the middle of the winter and I’m sitting in the office sweating. It’s -10 degrees outside and my body is sweating like I’m in the middle of the Sahara. This is not new, I’ve basically been sweating and pitting-out since I was 12. This is what happens when you’re a big dude or just a guy in general. My girlfriend glows, I sweat.

All that pitting out has left me with some serious yellow stains in the armpits of my white shirts. I did a little research to figure out why my sweat makes these stains. Turns out it’s not my sweat, it’s the aluminum in my antiperspirant.  It also turns out aluminum might be linked to cancer. The average adult, over 24, puts on antiperspirant 8.6X per week. That’s a lot of opportunity for those yellow stains and potential health issues.

                                                                                                                       How To Fix Them

Since it is the middle of winter and I’m a little stir crazy, I decided to try to fix those pit stains.  22 year old me would have just tossed those shirts but as an “adult” I’m now making the effort to fix them.  This worked for me:

1.Apply a mixture of one part dish soap and two parts hydrogen peroxide to the stain.

2. Use a toothbrush to rub over stain.

3. Let sit for an hour.

4. Wash as your normally would.

                                                                                                How To Prevent Them

This was way more work than I want to do on my laundry. I could have watched an episode of GoT for the time that took. However, it turns out this is all preventable. Antiperspirant uses yellow-casing aluminum to clog up sweat glands. When sweat mixes with that aluminum it turns yellow. Using a natural deodorant eliminates this issues.

Take to the oars,


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