Facial Hair Care 101–Oars + Alps

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Facial Hair Care 101

Your scruff should look tough, 

not feel tough 

So here's the deal....

 Did you know that a man who shaves spends 3,350 hours of his life in the bathroom? As a man with some scruff, you could be saving a lot of time. And if you don't have any maybe it's time to consider some. Intimidated? Fear not, we've got answers 

Q: How fast will my beard grow?

A: A healthy beard grows 1cm a month. That means by 2019, your face could be hiding under 5 inches of thick, glorious beard.

Q: Great. That means I don’t have to worry about the skin beneath the beard, right?

A: Wrong! Out of sight doesn't mean out of mind. As beard hair grows, yeast (normally killed by sunlight) accumulates in the beard, putting your skin at risk for fungal infections. Much like mushrooms that grow in the ground of a dense forest that doesn’t get much sunlight…you get the idea.

Q: That is gross. Well, can I use my body soap to wash my under-beard skin then?

A: Not ideal. Body soaps (and even most cleansers) are harsh on skin. Using these will dry your skin out, making it susceptible to cracking and flaking. And since it’s hard to see, you may end up with “beard dandruff”, or little white flakes of dead skin in your beard.

Q: Okay. Fungal infections and beard dandruff...you are making me think twice about this beard idea.

1. Give your beard a good wash with a beard shampoo/ conditionerIn the same way we recommend a face soap for your face, we recommend a beard shampoo/conditioner for your beard hair. Beard hair tends to be much coarser and thicker, and thus requires some extra special attention. 

2. Exfoliate skin  to slough off accumulated dead skin cells using an exfoliating face soap or cleanser:  Try our exfoliating charcoal face wash.  Exfoliation is essential to cleaning clogged pores and preventing pimples. No one likes pimples....

3. Wash your whole face using a natural soap or facial cleanser to wash dirt away. Just because you have a beard now, doesn’t mean you can forget to clean the rest of your face.

4. Reward those clean, fresh pores with beard oil--an essential to keeping your beard flake and fungus free [link to beard oil]Beard oil does more than keep your beard hair shiny and smooth. It is essential for your replenishing exfoliated, clean skin with moisture. Much like a baseball mit, a machine, or a good cast-iron skillet, a good beard needs to be well-oiled.

Q: Is that all I need to do?

A: Pretty much. You are now free to enjoy your beard.

Take to the oars,


Photo by Brooke Cagle

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