Charcoal for the Naughty + Nice (And other stuff we are gifting)

When it comes to gifting, we like to say, get charcoal for the naughty ones and our charcoal solid face wash stick for the nice ones. But we know even the nice ones deserve something in addition to Oars + Alps. For those on-the-go men in your life, we’ve put together the following gift guide, featuring the perfect items to inspire an active and adventurous start to the new year.


The All Over Short by Oliver’s Apparel ($68)

Dubbed as the 21st Century gym short, Oliver’s Apparel takes it to the next level with The All Over Short and the rest of their athletic line. What we love most about Oliver’s is the clean design, detailed tailoring, and lasting durability. Nothing short of perfection. Pun intended.


Brush Set by GOBY ($50)

Goby understands good taste in design and the importance of delivering direct to consumer. Much like our own story, Goby was founded by two friends who were frustrated with the overpriced options, so they set out to create something smarter. The Goby Brush literally tells you when to move from one side of the mouth to the other with a built in timer, which prompts you to switch quadrants every 30 seconds. Because the dentist said so and candy canes are too good to pass up.


Sweatshirt by Stock Mfg ($68)

Our friends at Stock Mfg are committed to crafting menswear staples with a modern spin, like this black heathered terry cloth sweatshirt, perfect for the gym or sunday brunch. We’re all about the pursuit for effortlessness, and our favorite part about Stock’s philosophy is they make clothing for the guys who just want to look good with minimal effort - not the "fashion" guys. Amen!




All-Natural RXBAR ($27)

We’re all about simple ingredients on your body, as well as in your body. Enter RXBAR, the no-B.S. protein bar, using all-natural ingredients, such as egg whites, fruits, and nuts. We recommend the Peanut Butter after a long hike or the Chocolate Sea Salt with coffee.  


Coffee from La Colombe ($15)

Much like the origin of his skin care ingredients, it’s good to be mindful about the origin of his coffee beans. There’s no question Philly-based La Colombe goes the extra mile to source the best, including the bright Guatemala Huehue Workshop, boasting hints of melon, raisin, and caramel. This is not your average chestnut roasting on an open fire.


Luggage by Lojel ($229)

Since Oars + Alps' products are designed for the carry on, we feel the need to recommend one. Check out Lojel and their essential design inspired by the challenges of travel. We love the durability of the Rando Frame with its muted colors and anti-scratch surface. Take to the oars and carry on.

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