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Out of the Box

Posted by Zac Maur on


We hear our customers loud and clear when they say they want their Oars + Alps products to use less packaging—and we couldn’t agree more. As the ship of commerce navigates the wide open seas toward a post-packaging world, we believe strongly in creating packaging that leaves as little impact as possible.

Right now, the paper in our packaging is post-consumer recycled and the tissue we use in our boxes is 100% recyclable. But we know we can do even better which is why we plan to use 60% less packaging with products that use boxes.

As brick and mortar stores now encourage BYOB (bring your own bag), it’s a trickier situation in the e-commerce world. We want to create packaging that is resourceful and environmentally smart, but is also equipped to protect your products and keep them safe while they’re venture from our warehouse to your door.

Behind the scenes we’ve already been working on using even less. Some of our products come in a special type of box called a “coffin box.” This means they lay in a carton and slide out of a sleeve, which we feel uses too much packaging and is why we’re reducing our packaging by 60% by transitioning to using traditional boxes. (KRISTIN: CAN WE SHOW AN IMAGE OF COFFIN VS> TYPICAL BOX HRER?)

Our Wake Up Eye Stick and our Face + Eye Cream come in a traditional box and for our deodorant we removed the box all together and now use a seal to keep it nice and secure for when it arrives to you! But now we’re addressing other products and discovering new ways we can keep your products safe in an effective and minimal way. The new tissue we’re transitioning to using in our boxes is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which is much more eco-friendly and meets the standards for responsible forestry.

We’re continually brainstorming new ways to configure our packaging to make it have the least amount of impact on our environment as possible in order to match the rich, natural ingredients we use. And this leaves us with a few questions. What eco-friendly things do you love seeing companies do? And how are you taking a part in minimizing your own footprint? We’d love to hear from you!

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