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Of all the seasons, winter is by far the hardest on your skin. Brutal winds, freezing temperatures, UV rays, and bone-dry air all rob your skin of its essential moisture. But it doesn’t just make your skin appear irritated. Winter’s effects are also not healthy for your skin. 

Luckily, you can also turn to nature for the answer to freezing weather. All you need is a few key products with naturally derived ingredients that are gentle on skin while delivering intense moisture that goes deep and lasts.  And because winter is at our doorstep, we gathered the best products to use on your skin this winter. Here’s what to look for.

Why Is My Skin So Dry in Winter?

Simply put, skin gets dry when it doesn’t have enough moisture. It can happen because of a medical condition, harsh chemicals in grooming products, and intense weather conditions without the right protection. Signs of dry skin include redness, flakes, bumps, and a feeling of tightness.

Winter is worse than other seasons because it creates dry air both outdoors and indoors. Your skin typically reflects the level of humidity in the air, so when the air is drier you lose more water through your skin -- leading to dry skin. With the proper care though you can mitigate this increased water loss and maintain the appropriate level of moisture in your skin.

How to Prevent Dry Skin in Winter

It’s easier to prevent dry skin before it happens rather than to repair it while the air is still dry. You’ll just need to use the right products consistently to maintain moisture levels and get through the winter feeling soft and hydrated. 

The most at-risk skin is what’s exposed, especially outdoors. For the most part, that means your face and your hands, which is what we’ll focus on here. Start using these products now before the real cold arrives and you’ll thank yourself come spring. 

Use a daily moisturizer with SPF

If you don’t use a daily moisturizer, you should start now. But save yourself some time by choosing one with built-in SPF. That way your skin can hydrate and heal itself while still protecting it from drying (and damaging) UV rays. It’s an easy way to protect your skin and get out the door faster. 

We make two daily SPF moisturizers—both made with naturally derived ingredients. Our Everyday Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer with SPF 37 uses a hybrid formula to give you 3-in-1 benefits: moisturization, UV protection and anti-aging. The other, our 100% Mineral Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer with SPF 30, leans on Zinc Oxide, a mineral that reflects the sun before it can do damage. It also has anti-aging ingredients built in. Both go on smooth, not greasy. Plus they smell and feel just like everyday moisturizers. 

Man holding face moisturizer with SPF

Amp up overnight moisture with an emollient hydrating cream

Dry skin can creep up on you overnight. Remember, winter air is dry indoors too, especially with indoor heating in full effect. So give your skin an extra boost by applying a moisturizer all over before bed—even around your eyes. 

Our Face + Eye Cream has Shea Butter and Aloe to keep your skin hydrated while you sleep. Alpine Caribou Moss keeps it elastic and looking young.

Man applying face moisturizer at night

Try occlusives or oils for extra hydration

To lock moisture inside, your skin creates its own protective barrier of lipids at the skin’s surface. Try occlusives (namely, oils) that naturally mimic that moisture, called “sebum.” They lock moisture into your skin so it won't evaporate as easily Plus, they act as the first line of defense for your skin against wind, water, pollution, and bacteria.

Oils don't have to be applied on their own - they can be included in the formulas of other skincare products you're used to using. The oils in our Body Lotion, Beard Oil, and Dry Hand Repair Cream all do the trick nicely. And because they’re derived from nature, your skin and beard will soak them up nicely.

Man putting hand cream on dry hands

Start using an eye cream

The skin under your eyes is the thinnest on your whole body, so it needs an extra bit of love all winter long. After you shower and moisturize, add an eye cream into your routine for added moisture and protection. Lucky for you, our Face + Eye Cream works double duty. Just swipe on an extra layer before you head out the door or hit the hay for healthier skin.  

Lips are skin too!

The skin on your lips is different from anywhere else, so it needs its own moisture. That’s why we have two kinds of shine-free lip balms, one with SPF protection and one without. They both protect your skin, especially from winter winds, so keep one by your bed, one at the office, one in your bag, one in the car… you get the idea.

Man in cold weather holding hydrating lip balm

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin in Winter

If you’re caught in a bind this winter, you should know how to save your skin and restore its moisture levels. Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to revive dry skin:

  1. Apply moisturizer immediately after washing 
  2. Limit use of hot water, use lukewarm instead
  3. Add an overnight emollient moisturizing cream to your routine
  4. Try occlusives or oils for extra moisture
  5. Dial back drying exfoliants, soaps and scrubs
  6. Drink lots of water
  7. Use clean ingredients that won’t strip away skin’s natural oils

Stop Dry Skin in Its Tracks with Oars + Alps

Now that you know how to prevent dry skin from happening this winter, the only thing left is to find the right products. But that search starts with the right ingredients. All of ours are naturally derived, so they’re gentle on skin and super effective. Check out the best hydrating Oars + Alps products here.

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