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Whether it’s literally marathon day, or you simply have a marathon day at work, you’re no stranger to sweat—and that’s a good thing. Below: the benefits of sweat, and how to manage it—whether on the trails or at the office.

You know how good you feel after a challenging run?

Perspiration detoxifies your body, flushing it of alcohol, cholesterol and excess sodium. Your workout can even prevent illness, as sweat contains positively charged antimicrobial peptides that attract and destroy negatively charged bacteria. Plus, your pores open up when you sweat, purging your skin of toxins.

You know this well: there’s nothing like a good, clean sweat session. In fact, sweat, itself, has no odor. Bacteria that live on our skin and thrive in warm, damp climates are the offenders there. Deodorant addresses those bacteria, whereas antiperspirant addresses the aforementioned dampness.

The basic scientific principle of deodorant is this

Make your armpits inhospitable to bacteria, and you won’t smell. Deodorants contain ingredients that are salty or acidic, so if you’re using a drugstore brand, that means glycol, alcohol, or parabens; if you’re using Oars + Alps, that means good for you stuff like Alpine caribou moss.

Antiperspirant, on the other hand, doesn’t deal with bacteria – it uses aluminum compounds to plug up your pores so sweat can’t pass through. Research has linked aluminum in antiperspirant to cancer and alzheimers, which is scary if not entirely conclusive. But beyond that, sweat is good for you, and clogging up your sweat glands with known toxins prevents you from reaping the full benefits of your workout.

So what’s the solution if you want to sweat safely, without odor and dampness?

We’re a little biased, sure, but our Active Armor Deodorant is where it’s at. Made with natural ingredients – no toxic aluminum, glycol, alcohol, or parabens in sight– our non-sticky formula dries quickly and absorbs moisture without clogging your sweat glands. It also reduces friction from hair and inflammation, so your pits will be doubly protected.

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