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  • Meet Our Pets

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    Meet Our Pets

    The Oars + Alps team strongly stands by our stance to be cruelty free because we love animals. We thought we'd show you our pets! Meet Isidro's cat Julius. He's a maine coon.   This is Monika's succulent, Penelope.    Mike and his dog Walter J. Logan Esq., Attorney at Paw   Meet Zac's shih tzu Brandee!   Kristin's fish, Fin and Tonic.   Take to the oars, O + A Team

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  • Top 4 Ingredients To Avoid

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    Top 4 Ingredients To Avoid

    Did you know only 2 pages regulate a $60B industry? The U.S. has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938 while the E.U. has banned more than 1,300. Because of this, we've taken it on ourselves to thoughtfully craft products that include good-for-you ingredients. So... Why does that matter? How much your skin absorbs what it comes into contact with is a matter of debate. We’ve found estimates of over 60% and as low as 20%. While we don’t know the exact answer, it must be enough to...

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