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  • Meet Our Pets

    Posted by OA Team on

    Meet Our Pets

    The Oars + Alps team strongly stands by our stance to be cruelty free because we love animals. We thought we'd show you our pets! Meet Isidro's cat Julius. He's a maine coon.   This is Monika's succulent, Penelope.    Mike and his dog Walter J. Logan Esq., Attorney at Paw   Meet Zac's shih tzu Brandee!   Kristin's fish, Fin and Tonic.   Take to the oars, O + A Team

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  • It's Charcoal... For Your Face

    Posted by Zac Maur on

    It's Charcoal... For Your Face

    Sometimes I feel like no matter how often I moisturize, my skin is still dry. I usually never go a night without doing my skincare routine and yet it seems like my skin just won’t be hydrated. This is why I started exfoliating. Exfoliation is the process of using a product to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin in order to allow new ones to regenerate. By removing dead skin, it not only makes your skin look more vibrant but it allows your skincare to work better because there isn’t an excess of cells to absorb...

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